Do you need to renew your EPC?

So your EPC has expired, do you need to renew it? Well, eventually yes but more than likely you don’t need to do it immediately.

EPC’s (Energy Performance Certificate) were introduced for rental properties in April 2008, their purpose is to let prospective tenants know how energy efficient the property is and what their heating bills are likely to be. An EPC lasts for 10 years and so you can imagine, many long term rental properties will now have EPC's that have either expired or will be running out soon.

If this applies to you, your automatic instinct may be to arrange for a new assessment. However, if your property is tenanted when your EPC runs out then you do not need to worry about renewing it. If your tenants move out and you want to rent it out again (or sell) then you will need a new EPC before you start marketing the property, and don’t forget to give a copy to your new tenants when they move in.