Boroughwide property comparison

Recently, I’ve met with a number of local Landlords thinking of extending their portfolios in the borough. Like the majority of Landlords, they tend to be looking to invest within a few miles of home and some are already focused on particular areas or even specific streets! However it’s often useful to look at the borough as a whole before narrowing the search.

Currently the average property price in the borough is £357,082 and the average rent £1,433pcm, this gives an average gross yield of 4.8%. Additionally, the average capital growth over the past 12 months has been £35,761 (11.1%).

Now Let. us look at performance in specific areas:

AREA                AV. PRICE         AV. RENT   YIELD        CAP. GROWTH

EN1                 £316,018                £1374          5.2%        £31,651 (11.13%)

EN2                 £388,140                £1326          4.1%        £35,565 (10.09%)

EN3                 £244,547                £1201          5.9%        £22,221 (9.91%)

N9                   £247,955                £1130          5.5%        £27,902 (12.68%)

N18                 £248,942                £1037          5.0%        £29,556 (13.47%)

N13                 £395,930                £1,283         3.9%         £41,502 (11.71%)

N14                 £503,577                £1402          3.3%         £60,467 (13.65%) 

N21                 £511,404               £1821           4.3%         £57,166 (12.59%)


On the face of it, the level of yield across the borough is quite low, with only half the areas (EN1, EN3, N9 and N18) achieving over 5%, however the capital growth figures are strong, with two areas (N14 and N18 – again!) achieving over 13%.

These figures are averages provided by Zoopla and give a broad overview of property performance across the borough. However, last year I identified a property in EN1 for one of my Landlords which is now achieving 8.1% yield!

The opportunities are out there if you know how to spot them!