Are you too attached?

The number of accidental landlords has increased over recent years as people have inherited homes or found their own homes hard to sell. Renting out a property that you have an emotional attachment to can be very difficult as any tenant may want to live and do things very differently to the way you did.

At these times it may seem easier to sell, even if you know you could get a better price later! However, it’s worth remembering the benefits of letting.

Letting can be a quick-fix solution
– Demand for rental property is high
– You may get a better selling price when the market picks up
– You’ll have the freedom to become mobile without having to sell
– You may well make a monthly profit
– You’ll still own your property should you want to return to it at a future date

If you’re thinking about about letting a property that you have an emotional attachment to, then talk to me about how the Belvoir Full Management service can help provide you with space and the peace of mind of knowing that your property is being looked after.