Will there be enough local accommodation for the workforce about to start operating out of the new Amazon Logistics building ?

This is the new Amazon Logistics building on Boscombe Road in Dunstable and I am told by 2 of our latest tenants that the first night shift starts tomorrow night.

This is in addition to the Fulfilment Centre which opened on the same site last October making Amazon one of the largest employers in the area and with this new building I would imagine they will be the largest employer when it is running at full capacity.

This is all good news for Dunstable as it brings jobs and employees to the area who in turn will be spending money in the local businesses.

This has resulted in greater demand for studio and 1 bedroom properties and I have worked with a number of small developers in the last 2 years who have converted old office buildings or vacant offices above shops into accommodation which is now in demand from these tenants.