Will the new rules regarding Pensions push house prices up as Pensioners use their pension to buy property instead of annuities?

Having read a few articles related to the new pension rules in the last few days many are of the opinion that once pension money can be withdrawn in April 2015 pensioners might use it for buy-to-let investments.

When you look at the figures for an annuity you can see why. The prediction is that if people take out less annuities the return offered on new ones will be even less.

By withdrawing their pension pot and investing in a buy-to-let property not only could you be able to show a higher annual rental yield on your investment than having an annuity, but you will still have the investment to pass on to your family and it should be showing a capital yield on the initial investment. Also by talking to an Independent Financial Advisor for the right advice you might also be able to protect this from Inheritance Tax.

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