What did you miss by not attending the Luton PIN (property Investors Network ) meeting in October ? 2 great presentations on HMO's and finding Joint Venture Partners.

If you didn’t make it to this month’s Luton PIN (Property Investors Network) meeting and you are a property investor, considering investing in property especially HMO’s and looking for Joint Venture Partners you missed a treat and the opportunity to network with over 50 other property professionals and investors.

We had Bill, Darren and James from I-Occupy who are specialists in creating HMO’s for Professionals in Luton and talked us through their journey over the last 4 years of starting the business from scratch to the successful business it is now.. They also took questions from the floor on HMO related matters.

We then had a presentation from Vanish Patel who explained the process he uses in finding Joint Venture Partners. Not a case of going straight up to someone and asking for funding, but the process of building trust and many relationships with a variety of people who after many months will then want to invest in you and your business.

At Novembers meeting Dick Dabner will be sharing his knowledge on how to maximise the value of a property by following some simple strategies.

Also Gareth Bertram will be explaining how to invest in land and property with your pension fund.

Pension changes in the 2014 budget now mean that your Pension has become one of your most valuable assets. It’s time to really make your pension grow in value! Have you left your pension festering in poorly performing stocks and shares for years or do you take little notice of the annual statement, either because it is too difficult to understand or because historically you had no interest?

FREE invitation to next months Luton PIN (Property Investors Network) meeting on Tuesday 25th November

If you want to learn from experienced property investors and meet other new and experienced property investors or receive help and advice on how to maximise the return on your investments, the next PIN meeting is on Tuesday 25th November 2014 at the Hampton by Hilton Hotel in Luton. For more information visit this link http://bit.ly/1q8mFqm

If you have never visited a PIN meeting before contact Daniel Bourke at Belvoir Dunstable daniel.bourke@belvoirlettings.com for a guest invite and join more than 40 other investors at this popular and informative meeting.