Right now finding the right tenant is more important than high rents

The coming 12 months are set to be unusual in that they could see both the local housing sales and rental markets flourishing simultaneously.

As a result, finding the right tenant should be seen as a higher priority than increasing rents and attracting reliable tenants is the best way landlords and letting agents can ensure they continue to thrive despite resurgent property sales.

It is tempting for landlords to set their rent levels high, but instead it’s better for landlords to focus their efforts on attracting the right type of tenant for their property at the right price.

While the number of first-time buyers is likely to increase in 2014, there will still be a great pool of tenants that remain unable to afford their own home due to property prices rising.

Letting is a complex, specialist field incorporating more than 50 Acts of Parliament and 70 sets of regulations which landlords should be aware of.

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