Meet Richard Bowser editor of 'Property Investor News' at the next Luton PIN (Property Investors Network) meeting on Tuesday 23rd September and ask Belvoir Dunstable for a FREE guest invite.

Richard Bowser, the editor of the renowned monthly magazine ‘Property Investor News’ offers an overview as to how investors can maximise the opportunities presented by current market conditions and buyer/seller sentiment. As a long term residential landlord and private investor, Richard’s overview of the UK property investment market and his property investing experience gained over 23 years contains genuine substance and he offers some invaluable analysis for both new and experienced investors. If you really want to enhance your understanding of the property marketplace and where the real opportunities will exist in the next few years, then make sure you don’t miss this talk.

To learn from experienced property investors and meet other new and experienced property investors or receive help and advice on how to maximise the return on your investments, the next PIN meeting is on Tuesday 23rd September 2014 at the Hampton by Hilton Hotel in Luton. If you have never been to a PIN meeting before contact Daniel Bourke at Belvoir Dunstable for a FREE guest invite.For more information visit this link

If you didn’t make it to July’s Luton PIN (Property Investors Network) meeting and you are a property investor or considering investing in property you missed a treat and an education from the 2 speakers, Mark Dearing and Mike Frisby.

Mark Dearing, gave an excellent refresher on the 5 most important things to do when investing in property and how it works for him: 1. Decide on your type of tenant. 2. Pick your criteria: houses or flats? A mix? 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 beds? 3. Identify your area 4. Who to call? Ask the right questions 5. Do your due diligence Mike Frisby gave an information-packed talk explaining how to achieve 51k pa year income within a year, using guaranteed rents and other landlord’s properties. With just 17 properties – £51,000 a year profit is achievable. This was a real eye opener for even the experienced investors.

This is all extremely valuable information and with the networking opportunities with fellow landlords these meetings should be in your diary each month if you are serious about property investments.

Remember that if you have never visited a PIN meeting before contact Daniel Bourke at Belvoir Dunstable for a Free guest invite and join more than 40 other investors at this popular and informative meeting.