Launch of the Chiltern Economic Forum at the Old Palace Lodge, Dunstable

Today we spent an entertaining Lunchtime listening to Lord Digby Jones at the Inaugural Chiltern Economic Forum for businesses at The Old Palace Lodge in Dunstable.

Digby Jones is a champion of British business and has a lifetime peerage in the House of Lords. He is Corporate Ambassador for Jaguar Cars and serves as Chairman of Triumph Motorcycles Limited and it was obvious that he has a passion for increasing the skills of the young to fill the gap in skilled labour in engineering and house building.

In his entertaining lunchtime speech he talked about his time as Minister of State for Trade & Investment, as director-general of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) from 2000 to 2006 and his advisory roles at companies such as JCB, Ford of Europe.

He talked about his passion for business and helping business to survive and grow, creating employment which in turn leads to more taxes being paid which in turn funds the Public Sector services we all cherish such as the NHS and the emergency forces. It is only when someone as straight talking as Digby Jones spells it out to you in black and white that you can understand why job creation is so important.

Events such as this are very important to the local businesses in Dunstable and therefore the local community.