Landlords don't leave it too late to change if you are dissatisfied with your current agent!

We have previously published information on how to change from your current Letting Agent to the services of your local ‘Specialist’ letting agent ‘Belvoir’ in Dunstable and two recent enquiries we have taken from landlords emphasise why you should consider doing this sooner rather than later.

Both of these landlords had enquired previously as they wished to change from their current agent to the services of Belvoir Dunstable, but on hearing that we would be marketing the property their current letting agent quickly found a tenant and before the landlord had time to take a breath had them referenced and ready to move in. Naturally the Landlord felt they should accept the tenant that had been found and instructed their current agent to proceed.

Both landlords have kept in contact with us as it was still their wish to transfer their property to us at the next opportunity and also they quite like talking to us for updates on the rental market in Dunstable.

We now realise that part of the reason for this also related to ongoing issues they were experiencing with the tenants that had been found for their properties. Both are now in rent arrears of over 2 months and they have had to start proceedings to evict. Unfortunately in both instances the landlords had not taken out Rent and legal protection. We have referred one of them to a property solicitor in a Luton based practice.

Needless to say both of these landlords will be coming to us as soon as their existing tenant has been removed and they both wish they had done so sooner, but as the headline of the article says ‘Don’t leave it too late’.

We can put you in touch with Endsleigh who supply a bespoke product for Belvoir and would recommend that all Landlords consider this. More information is available on our website.

You can transfer to another agent if you are unhappy with your existing one and shouldn’t feel that you have to wait until then end of a tenancy to do so. If you would like advice on changing your current letting agent please call us on 01582 343209. More information can be found by clicking here. 6 easy steps to changing your letting Agent