Lack of support halts revenge evictions bill or does it ?

At the end of November in the House of Commons a proposed Bill called The Tenancies Reform Bill failed to secure a sufficient number of votes to pass in Parliament. The proposed bill to restrict use of a Section 21, where a tenant had complained about repairs.

However we now know that the proposed retaliatory eviction bill has been added to the De Regulation Bill currently working its way through Parliament.  The Deregulation Bill may sound familiar to some of you, as this also includes amendments to Deposit Legislation to reduce the risk of “Superstrike”.

The danger to the Letting Industry is that the Deregulation Bill is Government supported, and therefore there is great confidence that this will become law before the next general election.

This legislation must be designed to tackle this minority of rogue operators does not infringe or restrict the rights of professional landlords and agents or frustrate legitimate possession proceedings.