FREE invitation to the February Luton Property Investors Meeting ( PIN ). Along with other new investors learn from experienced landlord investors.

Are you thinking of investing in property in 2015 and want to learn from experienced Landlords/Property Investors ? Remember that from April 2015 you no longer have to purchase annuities with your pension and this is creating a lot of interest in property investments this year.

At this month’s meeting we have Susan Alexander who is a leading Property Coach, Investor and Entrepreneur who in just a few years accumulated a multi-million pound property portfolio and now she’s ready to show you how you can become a successful property entrepreneur.  

By negotiating directly with sellers you can obtain lucrative property investment opportunities for yourself, whilst creating the right solution for the seller. 

Susan will be sharing with you: –    

  • How To Build The Relationship With A Motivated Seller
  • How To Find Out What Is Important to them
  • How To Overcome Objections
  • How To Ask For The Sale And CLOSE THE DEAL
  • How to Create a Win-Win Solution

Start your property investing success by attending the February PIN meeting for FREE if it is your first time by emailing and join other experienced and new landlords looking for help and advice. For more information on PIN follow this link Luton PIN