Eight Questions Tenants Might Ask Their Letting Agent Before Moving in

Finding a property to rent can be a daunting task, and after all the appointments, viewings and offers you are sure to be relieved once you have finally secured your ideal home.

Your attentions can now be focused on moving in, but before you consider how to get that piano through the door, there are a few things you might want to ask Daniel or Zara at Belvoir Dunstable.

1. What changes am I allowed to make?

If your landlord plans to re-decorate the property before you move in, you may be able to negotiate a few things – such as what colour the walls get painted. Even if there are no re-decoration plans, you should find out what improvements your landlord will allow you to make once you move in. Even little questions such as whether you are allowed to hang pictures on the walls and if you can have satellite television installed are well worth asking.

2. Is there any ongoing repair work?

In instances where the property is being redecorated or renovated, it is important to find out estimated completion dates for the work as soon as possible. Firstly, this puts a little pressure upon your landlord to get the work carried out promptly, and it also minimises the likelihood of any nasty surprises.

3. What happens with the garden?

If the property has a garden, do you have access to it? If so, whose responsibility is it to maintain its upkeep? Some landlords will be on top of this and will send gardeners weekly or fortnightly to mow the lawn

4. Does the Landlord intend to sell?

Does the landlord have immediate any plans to sell the property? This might seem like it’s none of your business, but if the landlord is planning to sell in the near future then you might find yourself dealing with a new agent – and perhaps some inconvenience too.

5. Can I bring my pet?

Belvoir will cover this in the contract by a pet deposit. Belvoir Dunstable are members of ‘Lets with Pets’ and actively promote renting property to pet owners when talking to Landlords. Some Landlords however are less forgiving and will ban animals entirely.

6. Where are the meters?

Belvoir will take meter readings on the day you move in and notify the Utility companies and Council that you are now the tenant. We will inform you who the suppliers are and also show you where the meters are located and the water supply cut-off.

7. Where can I park?

The wardens are coming! Do you have a designated parking space, and are there any parking restrictions or permits required?

8. When does the rubbish get collected?

Belvoir Dunstable will inform you of the rubbish collection days and the location of the communal bins if you are in a block.


At Belvoir Dunstable we are here to make the process of moving into your property as smooth as possible and will answer all of the above questions and more.