Dunstable a commuter choice as Luton is named in top five most affordable commuter towns

A survey issued this week lists Luton as the town offering the fifth best deal for commuting to London when looking at the difference between average house prices, cost and time of commuting, and annual salaries. It stated that on average, London workers happy to commute for an hour each way.

Only recently I highlighted that it is possible to commute to London from Dunstable in under an hour and total travelling time could be 45 minutes according to Travel Choices when using the Busway from Dunstable to Luton and train from Luton to London.

With the ticket price for the Busway as low as £1.11 per day when adding PLUS BUS to your Thameslink ticket it is obvious why we are seeing more London Commuters moving to Dunstable.

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