Dissatisfied with your current letting agent ? Landlords you can change to a better service in 6 easy steps

It is not surprising to us that having firmly established ourselves in Dunstable we have started to attract many Landlords seeking advice and ultimately a better service than they receive from their current Letting Agent.

We have recently found quite a number of Landlords approaching us who are unhappy or dissatisfied with their current Letting agent, and have been asking us how to go about moving management of their property to us. If you have a property in Dunstable, Houghton Regis, Leighton Buzzard or the surrounding areas and are unhappy with your current Letting agent then why not switch? It may feel like a lot of hassle but we can do most of the work for you. Below is a step by step guide about how to go about moving from your current Letting agent if you are unhappy with the service they are providing.

  1. Find out how much notice you are required to give your current agent. This is likely to be 1 or 2 months and should be contained within the Terms of Business you signed. If you cannot find it, simply contact them and ask them. Once you have this information, give them the required written notice to end your agreement with them. It will be simplest if your notice ends on a rent due date as it will make the rent payment switching process much easier.

  2. Ideally you will also need contact details for the current tenant which your current Letting agent should provide.

  3. We will contact your current tenant and set up a meeting with them at the property to introduce ourselves and to explain the process going forward. This will involve them adjusting their standing order to pay us rather than your current agent. The timing of this switch will depend on when the notice you give your current agent expires.

  4. We will send you our paperwork for you to complete and sign.

  5. At the point of taking over management, we would usually produce a new tenancy agreement for the tenant to sign. We feel more comfortable using our own as we know the contents and our legal team have ensured it is up to date.

  6. Congratulations, we are your new managing agent and we are so confident that you will be pleased with our service that we will give you the first 2 months free of management charges.For more information on our management service and why Landlords are so pleased with our service please call Daniel or Zara on 01582 343209.