Belvoir Dunstable does all the hard work for Landlords

For the tenant, it is much simpler to rent than to buy, a contributory factor to the steady growth in the private rented sector, and the agent. like Belvoir, does most of the work for the landlord too.

That is why the letting agent’s job is so complex.

For the landlord, the agent is the guard dog, helping to protect an expensive asset by finding suitable tenants who will enjoy and care for the property, by managing the maintenance and repairs.

To attract a good tenant the agent needs to be well-established with a strong local reputation. It is this reputation – for professionalism, membership of governing bodies like The Property OmbudsmanSAFE AGENT and Propertymark with its requirements for  client accounting and indemnity cover  – that brings in the instructions from the property owners and that is what attracts the tenants.

It all begins once a tenant applies for a property with references, credit references and personal references from the employer and, if applicable, from a previous landlord.

These personal references are very important.

Then, an inventory and condition report must be made. In this report, the entire contents of the property will be noted down, along with the condition of the carpets, curtains, furniture, wallpaper and paintwork.

It will be the basis for checking the contents and the condition of the property at the end of the tenancy.

An Assured Shorthold Tenancy is used at Belvoir, in short, the landlord and the tenant can be confident of the precise rental term and cost, with a properly drawn-up Tenancy Agreement, of the dos and don’ts.

These dos and don’ts will be included in a tenancy agreement, but the first don’t is don’t expect to find them catered for in an off-the shelf agreement.

The Belvoir tenancy agreement is revised and updated by specialist solicitors.

It’s all there in black and white. Then, once the deposit, together with the first rental payment has been cleared – and not before – the keys are handed over and the tenant can move in.

During the term of the tenancy, the letting agent will collect the rent, attend to day-to-day maintenance and repair as informed by the tenant and required under the terms of the tenancy agreement, alert the owner of major problems needing attention, account to him/her for costs incurred and pay over all balances due.

Regular inspection visits are made to check that all is well with the property and that the tenant is happy – for a contented tenant is the best tenant.

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