As demand for housing in Dunstable increases a large residential development that received planning permission in August 2014 sees proposals to increase the number of residential dwellings.

In August 2014 approval was given for the development of the Dukeminster Estate which is situated behind the new Priory View development currently in the process of being completed in Church Street, Dunstable.

The proposal for up to 170 residential dwellings shows the access to the site using the Road between the new buildings of Priory View and also lists conditions attached to the approval including tree protection measures, badger mitigation and reptile mitigation.

In March this year a Screening Opinion was submitted by Persimmon Homes in regards to a possible submission of a full planning application for the development of up to 330 dwellings on the site which currently has planning for up to 170 thereby increasing the number of dwellings by 160