Apartments in Dunstable - Good Yields of over 6%

I was talking to one of my landlords from Leighton Buzzard the other week, when the subject of apartments came up and whether they would make a good investment.

Apartments are not always the first choice for investors, but they rent very well and generally offer good yields. There is a strong argument that buying an apartment these days is not an issue as they are sensibly priced, the error people made in the past was buying them at the start of this century for more than the price of a house.

If you are a landlord with a limited budget, you can still find a decent property to let in Dunstable.

In the following popular modern developments in Dunstable you can currently find 2 bedroom apartments for between £115,000 and £120,000: Bramley Court, Peppercorn Way and Kiln Way. All of these are very popular with both the local workforce and commuters using the M1 and A5 and will rent for about £650pcm giving you a base rental yield of 6.5% – 7%.

In Houghton Regis it is difficult to find a modern 2 bedroom apartment, but if you are tempted to purchase a 2 bedroom house for between 105,000 – £115,000 in the right area you can receive £650 – £675pcm giving you a base rental yield of 6.5% – 7.5% with no service charges.

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