Frequently Asked Questions From Property Buyers In Burnley

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Your offer confirmed in writing, proof of address, proof of ID and proof of funds for the person/people purchasing the property.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay any stamp duty due. Your solicitor usually does this for you.

Yes. They will act on your behalf throughout the sale/purchase process, liaising with us and other solicitors involved.

Surveys are not legally required; however, it is always advisable to have one done. There are three   different types:

  1. a) A mortgage valuation – Your mortgage lender will insist on carrying out a formal valuation to reassure them that the property is worth the value of the loan.
  2. b) A structural survey – This may be required on older properties, or those that have undergone major structural changes (knocking down walls etc). or have been constructed from unusual materials.
  3. c) A homebuyer report – These are conducted by a qualified surveyor. They are a detailed, visual inspection of the property that will highlight any issues that may require further investigation.

The keys are only released once the sale has completed and the solicitor has given us instruction to release the keys.

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