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Skipton Property Blog

Your Dream Home

We want to find out what kind of property makes you swoon

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Landlords need to keep on their toes for 2018!

Property expert Kate Faulkner discusses how 2018 is shaping up to be a significant year for the buy to let market and you, as landlords are going to be affected in some way, shape or form.

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We're excited to be launching a brand new video campaign today, #MovingMemories.

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Be in.. Sheffield

Known as 'The Steel City' Sheffield was famous for its industry, however as a growing cultural, modern cityscape arises what is there to discover in Sheffield?

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Tips for Living Alone

With results day fast approaching, thousands of 18 year olds will be off to University in September. For the majority, it will be the first time being completely independent and living away from home..

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What to expect from home inspections

The reason that landlords and lettings agents carry out inspections is to check the overall condition of a property, specifically to see if everything is in working order and in a reasonable state. This is in regards to both the interior and..

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Be in.. Hull

2017 named Hull the UK City of Culture, the award shows that the city demonstrates the belief in the transformational power of culture. There is so much to discover around the city!

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How to handle noisy neighbours

With the summer nights in full swing, there is a temptation to stay outside, soak up the extra rays and spend time with friends in the garden. But sometimes this may be problematic and neighbours may cause disturbances..

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Be in.. Exeter

From the Quayside to the Cathedral, Exeter is certainly a beautiful city, but there are heaps of hidden gems to discover. The Quayside is one of the most picturesque areas of the city, especially on a warm summer day..

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