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Enfield Property Blog

The camera never lies............ but exactly when did you take that picture?

It makes sense to use the best photos possible to advertise your property but how far can you stretch things and is it worth it?

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Another 5 star review....... but with a difference!

This New Year we thought we'd do something a little different and write thank you's to people who've helped us with the business.

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Do I really have to give two months notice?

'Rachel, we've got a problem! I've just spoken to my agent and they say we have to give two months' notice!' This was the start of a conversation I had with Ella, who we were about to start referencing for a property in Enfield, 'I knew that we did during the fixed term but we haven't signed a contract in two years, so that can't be right can it?€' she asked.

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The pain caused by arrears (Part 2)

A second Enfield landlords reaction to mounting arrears and why you should take steps to protect your rental income with rent guarantee cover.

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The pain caused by arrears (Part 1)

Arrears can be very painful for all involved but the risk can be minimised for landlords. This article focuses on the experience of a local Enfield landlord that I met recently.

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Enfield Landlords - Beware the low fees trap

Are low initial fees always a bargain or should they be avoided? My experience arranging an MOT on my car have reinforced my opinion.

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Investment Opportunity Enfield - What a difference a year makes!

Twelve months seems to have been a long time for this little flat in Enfield! Don't let immediate appearances put you off but be sure to investigate the lease extension!

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Enfield landlords - who pays for condensation and damp?

Condensation is a tricky issue. It can be unpleasant to live with and can damage property. So when you see those black spots of mould, who's to blame, landlord or tenant?

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Can Enfield landlords protect their properties with inventories?

If your property is unfurnished do you still need an inventory? Absolutely!

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