2. Hardwater

Image showing hard water


In this area the water from the mains can be very “hard” which means it creates large amounts of lime scale. You will mainly notice this in hard surfaces such as stainless steel sinks, draining boards and ceramic tiles. Normal household cleaners will not remove lime scale, therefore we recommend using specific lime scale remover such as Cillit Bang or Viakal.


Lime scale also builds up inside kitchen appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. To disperse hard water from inside your appliances, we recommend running a very hot wash (without clothes) in your washing machine every now and then with a Calgon tablet, and for dishwashers use a specific dishwasher cleaner (without dishes) every now and then.


WARNING – Some lime scale removers are not suitable for some surfaces such as enamel or natural stone tiles – please read the label before using in your home.


Helpful tips:


To ensure no hard water builds up in your toilet under the waterline, we recommend you use bleach or a heavy duty toilet cleaner regularly.


Do not let hard water build up on sinks or tiles, use cleaning products as mentioned above on a regular basis as part of your usual cleaning routine.


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