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   Please be aware that if a call-out is not an EMERGENCY, you may be liable for all costs involved.

 If you have a Gas Leak call National Gas Emergency Service 24 hours a day on 0800 111 999

  • In case of a plumbing EMERGENCY only please call Gastech Ltd on  07817 937 718 
  • In case of an Electrical EMERGENCY only please call Sam - 07743520674. If there is no reply, please leave a voicemail as this will be accessed.
  • If you require a Locksmith for an EMERGENCY only please call Chris Berry on 07944 243 566 or 01926 733 257 OR call Leamington Key Company on 01926 425828/ 07771694781
  • Please note: We may record some of your calls for training purposes.

Student Questions & Answers 2017 - 2018

How do I reserve a property?

To reserve a property, we require a £75.00 reservation fee per person.  The fee needs to be paid in full to fully reserve the property, if it is a 4-bedroom property we will require £300.00 to be paid in one transaction.

What is the reservation fee for?

The reservation fee reserves the property and acts as an Administration fee.  This is for us to liaise with the tenants and guarantors, the guarantor application form and all administration including drawing up the tenancy, registering the deposit etc.  The administration/reservation fee is non-refundable.

Do I have a form to complete?

Within the first 10 days of paying the reservation fee we will need your details such as your name, telephone number, email address and guarantor details (name, telephone number and email address).  Your guarantor will need to complete a form in order for us to be able to reference them.

What is a guarantor?

Students are asked to provide a guarantor who agrees to cover costs if you don’t pay the rent, or cause significant damage to the property. A guarantor will usually be a parent or guardian.
You will sign a joint tenancy agreement, so any guarantor will also be jointly and severally liable for overdue rent or damage caused by the other tenants.
A guarantor must be able to confirm an income of over £15k pa.   We will send the guarantor application form to both the tenant and their guarantor.  The guarantor has 10 days to complete and return the application along with 1 x photo ID and 2 x proofs of address.

What does Joint and Several liability mean?

Where there is more than one tenant signing an agreement, all tenants and their guarantors are ‘jointly and severally’ liable. This means that each tenant can be held responsible for the agreement and paying of rent or any damage to the property and not just a share of it. Be sure about the people you agree to share with, if they fail to pay the rent, you or your guarantor can also be held liable.

Do I have any other payments to make before my tenancy starts, not including the rent?

We will contact you in January and ask for a holding fee to be paid. The holding fee is the same amount as the deposit, therefore it will be transferred into a deposit at a later date and registered with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.  The holding fee needs to be paid before the deadline of 31st January 2017 if this is not met we will remarket the property.
The deposit will be required, which will be held by Belvoir Property Management against any possible breakage, damage, missing items, cleaning, decorating or gardening that may be required to restore the property to the condition in which it was handed over at the start of the tenancy.  You are required to pay this before 31st January 2017.  this is later transferable to be the deposit, which is held in a protected scheme for the duration of your tenancy – Tenancy Deposit Scheme.  This information will also be in the receipt letter that you are given when you have paid your reservation fee. 
At this point we will also require an Inventory fee to be paid.  This is £30.00 Inc VAT, per person.  We film the property to show the condition and cleanliness and a USB inventory is given to the group when you move in.
We require the Holding fee / deposit to be paid as a group in one transaction by one of the tenants.  You can either set up a house account or pay all monies into one person’s account and then the payment is made with one transaction.  The correct reference number needs to be placed with the payment so that the accountant can locate which property the payment is relevant for.  If the holding fee/deposit is not paid in one transaction, we cannot accept the payment.  this information is given in your receipt letter (keep it somewhere safe so you can refer back to it!)

How long is my contract for?

All of Belvoir’s student contracts are fixed for eleven months. 
Property Tenancies commence either on;
1st August 2016 – 30th June 2017 or
1st September 2016 – 31st July 2017
The above dates are set per property and can’t be changed, these are advertised alongside the properties and the tenancy dates will feature on the receipt letter.

How and when do I pay rent?

The rental payments will be payable in advance of the tenancy commencing and we require quarterly instalments.  Please see the dates below dependent on the tenancy start date, which is detailed on this letter.

We require the rental payments to be paid as a group in one transaction by one of the tenants.  The correct reference number needs to be placed with the payment so that the accountant can locate which property the payment is relevant for. You can either set up a house account or pay all monies into one person’s account and then the payment is made with one transaction.  If the rental payment is not paid in one transaction, we cannot accept the payment.

1st August 2017 Tenancy Start Date   
15th July 2017 – 2 months’ rental   
15th September 2017 – 3 months’ rental   
15th December 2017 – 3 months’ rental   
15th March 2018 - 3 months’ rental   

1st September 2017 Tenancy Start Date
15th August 2017 – 2 months’ rental
15th October 2017 – 3 months’ rental
15th January 2018 – 3 months’ rental
15th April 2018 - 3 months’ rental

Am I committed to pay rent for a fixed term?

Yes you are committed to pay rental for 11 months as per the joint tenancy agreement.  If you want to remove yourself from the tenancy you need to finds someone to take your place.  Unfortunately, we are unable to advertise to rent a room within in a house however if people come in and enquire we can pass you their details.

Where and when can I collect my keys?

Providing the full group rent has been received for your property, you are permitted to collect your keys from 1st August 2016 or 1st September 2016 (the date in which your contract starts).  Keys are available between the hours of 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday (Thursday 9.45am – 5pm) and between 10am and 2.30pm on Saturdays and can only be collected from the Belvoir office, you are permitted to collect a key on behalf of someone else provided they have contacted us prior to your arrival to confirm that they agree to this, they will also need to provide ID.  The office is not open on Sundays.

Will the house be clean when I move in?

All Belvoir student properties are cleaned during the summer month of June or July (dependant on the contract end date and start date, prior to tenant’s arrival.  We cannot account for any accumulative dust where properties have been empty for some time before the tenants take occupancy.  All properties are in a handover state on the date in which the tenancy begins.

Who will be responsible for the management/maintenance of the property on behalf of the landlord?

Belvoir lettings are the managing agents.  Any maintenance issues should be reported with immediate effect to the office.

Who will pay for the utilities, services and TV Licenses?

Unless otherwise stated, all tenants are responsible for paying their own utility bills, internet/phone bills and TV licences. It is the tenants own responsibility to set up their own TV licences.  The local district council will be notified of your occupation of the property; however, students are exempt from council tax.  Therefore you will be asked to provide a form of university photo ID in order for the council to amend their records accordingly.

Belvoir have teamed up with Tenant Shop to streamline your registration process with the local council, water supplier and energy provider.
Tenant Shop will notify all the necessary organisations that you have arrived and provide your contact information, moving in date and meter readings where applicable.

We will help you find the best prices for your energy
Once you are in and settled, Tenant Shop will contact you to determine whether you would like to take advantage of a free market comparison for your home energy.
Tenant Shop will also assist with any current and/or future billing issues if they arise.  All services you receive from Tenant Shop are completely free of charge.

Will you be connecting to the internet in your new property?

Prior to moving into your new property, Tenant Shop will contact you to determine if you have any requirements for phone, broadband or TV services.
Tenant Shop work with all market providers and will ensure you are given the best possible advice on the best packages available to you.
If your property requires any additional engineering work due to a new installation, you must first obtain permission from the landlord or Belvoir before any order is placed.

Do I have to pay for a parking permit?

Where stated that the property has on street parking, you are required to buy a permit in order to park your car.  You will need to contact Warwick District Council directly regarding this and they will be able to inform you of the correct procedure in order to obtain a permit.  They can be contacted on…
parking@warwickdc.gov.uk or 01926 412456

Parking Permits for Station House

If you are renting a property at Station House – please ask the Student Manager for cost of parking permit for the duration of tenancy.

What do I do about household rubbish and recycling?

You need to contact Warwick district council regarding the relevant ways in which to organise and dispose of your household rubbish.  Please contact Warwick District Council directly regarding this on….
contract.services@warwickdc.gov.uk or 01926 412464

Will my belongings be covered by the landlord’s insurance?

No.  The landlord’s insurance is for the building only.  You are required to seek out your own contents insurance.
Belvoir Leamington Spa work in partnership with Let Alliance who will provide you with a no obligation quote for tenant liability insurance upon completion of your reference application. Alternatively, you can provide Belvoir Leamington Spa with a copy of your current policy details prior to your move in.

Can I smoke in the property?

NO! Every single Belvoir property is a non-smoking property.  Should there be any evidence at our routine inspections that this has been taking place, you will be fined accordingly for being in breach of your contract.

End of Tenancy

We will contact your group approximately 6 weeks prior to the end of your tenancy.  You will be given helpful information regarding the checkout process of leaving your student accommodation. 
You will be required to nominate a lead tenant (bank information) for the group deposit to be transferred.  Once we have received paper bill confirmation from your group, that all Utility accounts have been closed and zero balanced, and the property has had a full inspection – we will arrange for Group Deposit minus Checkout Fees (as per tenancy agreement) or (damage / additional cleaning charges) - to be transferred to the nominated account holder.

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