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Viewing Homes with Your Family in Southampton

The Pros and Cons of Taking Your Kids to Property Viewings in Southampton

If you’re looking for a new family home in Southampton, viewings will play a key role in your quest to find ‘The One’.

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Making Tax Digital for Southampton

Making Tax Digital: A Timeline for Southampton Landlords on the Upcoming Changes

Here’s an update on what these changes involve and a timeline for when they’ll come into force.

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Southampton Property Market Q1 2024

Southampton Q1 2024 Property Market Report

Whatever the rest of 2024 brings, moving home should mostly be based on your circumstances and not solely on what is happening to Southampton property prices.

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Southampton home staging tips

Southampton Home Sellers: Staging Your Home on a Budget

Ready to take the next step in your home selling journey? Our team at Belvoir Southampton is here to provide you with personalised guidance, from staging to sale.

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Void Period Management Southampton

Managing and Reducing Void Periods in Southampton

Owning a rental property isn’t just about what happens while tenants are in place; effectively managing periods when your property is unoccupied is equally important.

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Southampton inheritance wealth transfer

Southampton’s £3.85 Billion Inheritance from Baby Boomers Won't Save Gen X and Millennials

Southampton Gen X-ers own 6,500 homes outright, worth  £1,599,845,000 with a further 8,106 homes with a mortgage on it, worth £1,995,129,780 (an equally impressive £3.59 billion in Southampton alone).

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Unexpected Homebuying Questions Southampton

Selling Your Southampton Home? Stay Ahead of These Unexpected Questions

You can always tell when someone is really interested in buying your home by the number of questions they ask.

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Preventing Water Damage in Southampton Rentals

How to Avoid an Expensive Insurance Claim at Your Southampton Rental

What’s the most common reason for landlords finding themselves in hot water and needing to make an insurance claim?

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Spring Cleaning Checklist Southampton

Spring Cleaning Checklist to Clear the Clutter from Your Southampton Home

Don’t have time to be a domestic god or goddess and give your home a full spring clean? Well, why not do the next best thing and declutter a few key areas of your property. Scientific studies have shown that clutter can negatively impact mental health and productivity. So, by turfing out unwanted and unnecessary items, you’ll face spring with a greater sense of calm and focus.

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Unethical estate agent tactics Southampton

How Southampton Home Sellers Can Spot Unethical Estate Agent Tactics

Selling your home is a significant life event, and the last thing you want is to be misled by the unscrupulous practices of a minority of estate agents.

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selling property in Southampton

62 Days to Sell a Property in Southampton

If you are thinking of selling your Southampton home or if you are a Southampton landlord wanting to sell your buy-to-let property (with tenants in) and you want an informal, no-obligation chat to ensure you get a decent price with minimal fuss, drop me a message or pick up the phone.

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Inherit Rental Property Southampton

What You Need to Know if You Inherit a Rental Property in Southampton

If you’ve just inherited a rental property, then you may be wondering what your options are.

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