Southampton landlords please, please, please take heed!

The tenant did the right thing and shut off the boiler, opened the windows and contacted the gas board who attended the property and disconnected the boiler. A seal on the flue had failed and carbon monoxide was escaping into the house. Our contractor attended the property the next morning and fixed the seal and all is now good.

But how different the outcome could have been…. To comply with the law, you do not need a co2 alarm unless there is a solid fuel burner and it amazes me how many landlords look to save £10 and not fit one because according to the law, they don’t need one! But for me it is about doing things right and being a good landlord; fundamentally we have to do everything in our power to keep tenants safe in the properties we let and manage. I am pleased to say that all the properties we deal with that have gas, have a co2 alarm.

If there is a fatality in a property it is most likely that both landlord and agent will be before the coroner’s court to explain what we had done to keep the tenants safe and more than likely there might be a visit to another court! So, make sure your property has a co2 alarm that is tested before each tenancy. That way both you and your tenant can sleep easy.