Buy to Let Advice for Rugby Property Buyers

Thinking of investing in property in Rugby?

We offer expert advice to anyone thinking of buying-to-let. Before you invest,you should talk to us first. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • We know the lettings market in Rugby. We can advise you what will rent, how much you’ll get, what type of tenant you’ll end up with, etc.
  • We don’t sell property, so we don’t make a penny out of you buying something – we make money when it rents successfully for a long period of time. As such it’s in our interests that you buy something that will genuinely rent well.
  • We’ll give you a realistic ‘second opinion’ on what you’re being told by the estate agent (who is of course trying to sell you a property!) If it needs new carpets to attract a tenant, we’ll tell you – the estate agent won’t!
  • We’re landlords ourselves, and are actively transacting in property on a regular basis. We know the prices being paid in the Rugby market and can help you clarify what’s a good deal and what isn’t.
  • We run a free mailing list so we can ‘tip off’ potential investors when we see something worth buying. Some local Estate Agents tell us first when they get a good deal in, and we pass that deal on to you.

What do we charge?

At a headline rate nothing – we’re happy to offer a free consultation session to anyone looking to invest. After that it’s a question of what you want us to do. Some people like to hunt for property themselves – as such we’re happy to offer free advice on the understanding that the landlord will use our lettings services once the property is purchased. Others don’t want to look themselves (some don’t even want to visit Rugby!). In that scenario we’re happy to find properties for you, if you give us some pre-defined criteria. For this we’d charge a fee if we’re successful.

Arrange a free market appraisal

If you’re a landlord, looking to let or you’re just interested in how much your property might be worth, the best way to get an accurate and detailed understanding is through a free one-to-one appraisal with one of our experienced local agents. Request an appraisal with us using the form below.

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