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The Future of the Plymouth Buy-to-Let Market in 2024

The UK's property market is facing a significant challenge as the availability of homes for rent has plummeted to its lowest level in five years, exacerbating the difficulties tenants face in finding affordable accommodation.

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House Sales Up 14.8% on 2023 as Mortgage Rates Fall

The number of agreed UK property sales until the last Sunday of January (28th) is 8.35% higher than a year ago. Tumbling mortgage costs have encouraged buyers and sellers to return to the property market.

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Embarking on the Landlord Journey: Insights for Aspiring and Seasoned Landlords in Plymouth

The introduction of the buy-to-let mortgage over a quarter-century ago marked a significant turn, presenting opportunities for dual returns: rental income in the short term and capital growth in the long-term. You can see why there are a substantial number of Plymouth landlords who view property investment as a cornerstone of their retirement strategy.

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Plymouth's Housing Market: An in-depth analysis of where Plymouth people are moving

The consensus among economists and the wider public is clear: the remarkable ascent of Plymouth's property prices over the previous twelve years has reached its peak and is now starting to drift downwards.

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Plymouth Property Insights: Ignoring the Doom Monger Headlines

Navigating the property landscape, particularly in a city like Plymouth, requires more than just a reactive approach to the daily newspaper and social media headlines.

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Government Reassesses Buy-To-Let EPC Ratings Policies: Implications for Plymouth Landlords

The government has re-evaluated its stance on several eco-centric regulations, introducing essential modifications of interest to buy-to-let Plymouth landlords.

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Central Armada, Plymouth, UK

Plymouth Rents Smash Through the £880 Barrier

The private rented sector for both Plymouth landlords and Plymouth tenants is facing immense challenges, with a shortage of available homes for rent putting renters under significant pressure. And you can see why when the average UK rent in 2021 was £1,381 and in 2023 it has been £1,706, an increase of 23.53%. Let’s look closer to home in the Plymouth area.

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Unlocking the Secrets of the Plymouth Property Market Across Different Price Ranges

As a Plymouth estate agent, I have witnessed first-hand how the Plymouth property market operates and the various factors that influence property sales. One intriguing aspect is the difference in saleability across different price ranges. In this article, we will delve into the dynamics of selling properties in relation to their price ranges and explore the factors contributing to varying sale rates.

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Terraced houses in Cornwall, Plymouth. United Kingdom

Is Plymouth a Buyers' or Sellers' Property Market?

In the ever-changing world of Plymouth property, the terms ‘buyers’ market’ and ‘sellers’ market’ are phrases bandied about.

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Plymouth House Prices Have Risen by 2.47% since Christmas

The British housing market, which experienced a surge during the pandemic due to the demand for more space, has yet to experience the anticipated decline that some commentators predicted last year.

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I have £175,000 to invest — is a Plymouth rental property still worth the risk?

In this article we take a look at whether a Plymouth rental property is worth the risk...

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Plymouth’s Over-50s Wealth Hits Record High as Generational Property Gulf Grows

The Plymouth property market is proving increasingly difficult for some younger Plymouth buyers, but mature homeowners have benefitted immensely from rising house prices in the last few decades.

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