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Are Buy to Let Landlords to Blame for the Housing Crisis?

In this article about the Perth property market, I look at whether Perth buy to let landlords are to blame for the current housing crisis in Perth (and UK property market) by pricing out potential Perth first-time buyers buying their first home. The article is hard-hitting and with deep analysis, with commentary on government policy and a conclusion that if it wasn't for Perth buy to let landlords, we would have an even bigger housing crisis on our hands.

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Amazing mortgage rates and desktop valuations

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Scottish Government launch Loan to Aid Private Landlords

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What Will Be the Effect of Covid-19 on the Perth Property Market?

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April Update - For Landlords

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What help is there for Landlords whos Tenants have been impacted by Coronavirus?

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What help is there out there for renters who have been impacted by Coronavirus?

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Covid-19 Tenant Advice

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Covid-19 Landlord Advice

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