Post-Referendum Property

There has been so much talk of the effect that Britain leaving the EU will have on various aspects of our economy. At Belvoir we have decided to look at property, and collect the views of a number of experts and present them all in one place so you can easily see their opinions. Authors and experts are shown below, with corresponding full articles at the bottom of the page.

Expert A – Judith Evans (Financial Times): “Initial uncertainty and worry among consumers is likely to lead to an immediate stalling of the housing market, although it will take much longer to see the full economic effects of Brexit.”

Expert B – Matt Payton (The Independent): “The decision to leave the EU will be most keenly felt in the London housing market which is fully valued and already facing headwinds.”

Expert C – Daniel Wilson (Wilson & Co Homes Ltd): “Whilst property values might drop in the country, they will bounce back.”

Expert D – Lianna Brinded (Business Insider UK): “The UK is obsessed with house prices. House prices down = consumer confidence down = bank stocks down.”

Expert E – Kevin Peachey (BBC News): “House prices could see a slow rate of increase.”

Expert F – Sara Yates (Homes&Property): “It could mean relief for first-time buyers trying to get a foot on the capital’s property ladder.”

Expert G – Stuart Law (Assetz Property): “Now is the time for buy-to-let investors to turn their attention away from the Capital, which could experience difficult times ahead in terms of economic and currency uncertainty. Cash rich investors should instead look to the Northern Powerhouse, which still remains a strong contender for those seeking to protect capital and produce income well above bank interest rates.”

Expert H – Mark Rawstron (Bilfinger GVA): “While the market woke up on Friday in total shock, the markets will calm, and property is a good asset in times of volatility.”


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