Michael's Property of the Month: February

‘February’s property of the month is an extremely well-presented property that is a move in the ‘smart’ direction. Here we have an excellent example of what dressing, garden landscaping and professional photography can do to an advertisement, and of course the rental price!

Ideally located in the popular residential area of The Quarry, benefitting from all the great amenities there is to offer, plus a large Tesco superstore just around the corner. Due to the fantastic presentation of this property, we have booked two solid days of viewings to pick the very best applicant for our client.

We have listed the property at £895pcm which is similar to the properties we have at Berry Hill Hall where they are considered very exclusive. In my personal opinion, the Quarry Bank properties are of a higher quality due to the derbyshire stone and better layout instead of being ‘crowded’ like we see at many new build sites.

Throughout, the property has been decorated in a tasteful, contemporary style, and includes all the white goods necessary for a family to simply get their furniture and drop their bags. What I have seen in recent years is the higher quality properties require something ‘extra’ to really attract good tenants such as being completely fitted out with all the appliances required like a dryer or a fridge-freezer. Looking forward to the future there will be a demand for ‘smarter’ housing and it will become the norm where we can control our heating from our phone or charge our cars at home. This property is a step in the ‘smart’ direction as it includes a CCTV system accessible by your mobile, NEST heating system and electric car charging point. 

Comparing this property to two others we have let around the corner on Quarry Bank where the rentals pcm were £675 & £725 respectively, you can see the value that has been added with showcasing what is available and adding that tasteful touch with the decoration the space is really emphasised.

As the market reacts to legislative changes surrounding buying a property I have seen a change in the stock available for renters in Mansfield already. In years gone by you would usually have a number of four bedroomed houses to cater for those families that wish to pay a premium for a better, bigger property but cannot afford to buy one of their own. As these properties become less and less affordable to run as an investment, more of them are heading to the market to sell which has increased the rental prices of this type of stock due to basic supply & demand conditions – check our properties for sale, these were all rental properties previously!

Do you have a beautiful home that you are unsure whether to let or sell? Have a coffee (or tea!) with Michael to discuss your options. Call us on 01623 427 777 or email mansfield@belvoir.co.uk