Simple Sales Solutions

Selling your home can be really stressful, and when problems start to arise, it may seem like things are going sour, there isn’t any need to worry, though as many of the common problems have simple solutions. Here, we count down the top three.

1. Buyer to property ratio

From time to time, it can be the case that there are more properties available than buyers for them. It is really important that you do some research into the properties currently on the market where you live, that way you can see how long they’ve been on the market for and gauge whether properties are shifting easily or not. The price of your property is also really important, so don’t always expect to see your price at the same level as a neighbour’s, as theirs could be well overpriced for the current market.

It is really important to discuss with your agent your exact wants and needs, including how quickly you want to be on the move, if you need to sell up imminently, you will need to be accepting of a slightly lower price.
When you’re doing your research on properties, take tips from how they look, what could you improve on your home to make it of a higher standard than the ones currently available, the kerb appeal of a property is paramount, buyers start to make a decision before even entering the property, so it’s important to get the look and feel spot on.

2. The property is tenanted

If you are a landlord that is looking to sell one or more properties out of your portfolio, the most important part is to talk to the tenants about your intentions and reasons for selling. Tenants often feel vulnerable at this stage, but assure them that they will be given a full notice period once buyers have been found, they are going to play a big part in the process of selling your property because it will be up to them to keep it neat, tidy and presentable. 

You could, of course, sell to a property investor, who will often happily take a property with tenants in situ, so they don’t then have to find tenants of their own. Keeping your tenants on side during this time is really important, and it is always advisable to offer them something such as half a month’s rent refunded to say thank you for helping during the sales process.

3. The quick sale

We mentioned this in point 1, whether it’s a new job or another reason, many people need to move quickly – it can seem quite daunting to have to go through the process quickly, but it isn’t anything to be afraid of, price is a big part of this and you need to be really realistic, your agent will understand that you need a quick move and will pitch the guide price to go along with this.

It’s also important to keep your property looking presentable at all times, if you let the agent have a key they can go in and do viewings whilst you are at work, so making sure it is homely, warm and clean is really important. An ‘Open House’ event is also an option, opening the doors for a whole day means multiple viewings can happen at once, they can be a good way to rush through an offer as they generate quite a bit of interest.

Whatever your query or concern we are always here to answer your questions.