Get your garden blooming beautiful for spring!

We’re a few days into spring and whilst the weather might be questionable (is it actually still winter?), there’s no doubt that your mind should be turning to your garden. When selling a home in the spring and summer months, it is so important to ensure your outside space is tidy and respectable to help up the kerb appeal of your home.

We’ve put together three top tips for keeping your garden in order and upping your kerb appeal this year.

It’s the little things

Little things can make all the difference, it’s always good to keep on top of your grass and ensuring that it’s kept trimmed and neat at all times. Spring weather sees a fair bit more sun, mix that with rain and you’ve got yourself the perfect grass-growing season. Use a strimmer to trim the edges of your garden for a nice even finish to the grass. If you’re selling your house, you want to make the very best impression, overgrown grass could lower the kerb appeal of the property which could in turn mean you receive offers lower than the asking price. Plant up your flower beds with seasonal flowers, if you’ve got limited planting place then consider some pots and planters for a pretty courtyard feel.

Know the boundaries

It’s important to know where the boundaries of your property are, and it’s always important to keep them neat. If you have a boundary fence between yourselves and your neighbours, spring is the perfect time to get outside with a paintbrush and treat the fence panels. If there are hedges and shrubs between the two properties, keep them trimmed and neat, it’s always worth checking with your neighbour to make sure they’re happy for you to trim along the top, and always ensure you tidy up on both sides of the boundary!

Al fresco

Patios, decks and paved areas all look fantastic when they are first put down, however they quickly age, discolour and get taken over by moss. They make great outside seating and dining areas and it’s worth keeping them clean if you’re looking to attract a higher price for your property. Simply pressure washing it off and laying down some sand if required will give it a fresh look for the season ahead, and will really show off the potential.

It’s important to remember that everyone has different tastes when it comes to a garden, some like a wild garden with lots of hidden nooks, whilst others prefer streamlined, simple touches. You can’t cater for all, but tidying your garden up for the spring will help people to have a vision for what they could do with it. And of course, you’ll ultimately up the kerb appeal of your property.

If you’re looking for further advice on how you can improve your home to get the maximum asking price, talk to your local Belvoir Macclesfield expert today on 01625 410 950.