Avoiding Tenant Trouble...

From subletting to damage to your property, whilst cases of these are rare, some troublesome tenants can lead to loss of rent and expensive repair bills. We’ve rounded up some quick tips to help you avoid troublesome tenancies before it all goes sour!Make it home

Many tenants are looking for a place to call home, if your property is well presented, a house-proud tenant would be more likely to take care of it. It is often the case that how a property is presented goes a long way towards the type of tenants it attracts.

Making your property fresh, bright and clean with fantastic kerb appeal will help ensure you find tenants who truly want to look after it. The best question to ask yourself when it comes to this is, why should a tenant care about your property if it looks like you don’t?

Do your checks!

Rather than having to deal with troubleshooting once a tenancy has begun it’s always best practice to do your checks before it even starts. Full background checks including credit checks, identity checks and obtaining references from a prospect’s employer and former landlord will help to gauge whether they would be a fitting tenant or not and will ensure your property is tenanted with the best possible people.

Pay a visit

We would always recommend periodical visits to your property, around once a quarter is advisable. Visits truly are the only way you can tell what is going on behind closed doors, ensuring your tenant is living within the rules of their tenancy agreement. These visits are also brilliant for getting to know your tenants, thus building a relationship and trust with them.

Help from the experts

Easily the best way to ensure you avoid issues with tenants is to use a reputable agent to take some of the stress away from you. Your letting agent can source your tenant and manage the whole tenancy process, which means all of the referencing and checks are done professionally so you don’t have to worry about the tenants that will be living in your property.

As experienced experts, your Belvoir Macclesfield office is equipped to ensure your property is tenanted and cared for in the best possible way. Contact your us today to find out how we can manage the whole process for you, ensuring you have as little stress as possible!