Making Your Home Appealing to Buyers

There’s more to selling a home than simply putting it on the market. If you want to make your property more appealing to potential buyers and get them flocking to put in their offers, here are some simple tips for getting it right first time:

1. Look at Your Home from the Buyer’s POV

Whether you’ve lived in your home for five or twenty-five years, you’ll have already developed a connection to it. The first step, however, is to divorce yourself a little from this and try to look at the property from the point of view of your buyer.

Are there things you can do to make it more attractive? Perhaps a new coat of paint. Maybe tidying up the garden. Small changes here and there can make a big difference.

2. Pick a Good Estate Agent

There’s a trend of people to DIY their home sale but there’s a lot a local estate agent can provide which will improve your chances of finding vendors. They’ll know the area and what sort of person will best suit your property. Look for an estate agent that has a proven track record in your local area. At Belvoir we have offices throughout the country click here to find your local property expert.

3. Valuing Your Home

One thing that is going to be important for buyers is the price you set on your property. This can be a bit of a minefield and home price indices aren’t always the best indicators. Our advice is to “go local”, a local property expert will know how much similar properties in similar areas will have recently sold for. This can save you a lot of time and heartache!

4. Don’t Forget Kerb Appeal

This is how your property looks to people passing by. You’ve got you for ‘sale sign’ up and you want to attract a buyer. Pay some attention to the front of your house, what it looks like both during the day and at night. Remember that this is the first impression any potential buyer will have of your home and you want it to be good.

Does your home look welcoming? Is the garden in good condition? Do you need to update the paintwork or replace the front door? Simple changes can really enhance how your home looks from the outside.

5. Clean, and Touch Up

While you may want to show what a lived-in house looks like, it can put off some people. Make sure you clean your home and do those minor repair jobs that you have been putting off:

  • Clean the carpets and make the place look tidy.
  • A lick or two of warm-toned paint can make a difference.
  • Add flowers and colour to freshen the décor when you are about to have viewings.
  • If you have pets, perhaps ask a neighbour to look after them while you are having viewings – not everyone likes them.

Do all the little maintenance jobs that you’ve been putting off – little things like changing a bulb or replacing a broken bathroom tile are more important than you think.

6. Let the Viewer Define the Space

This can be a difficult one to get right but it’s all about letting your viewer see themselves in the home.

They can’t do this if all your personal items are cluttering up the place. This is a great time to declutter and a chance to get ahead on the packing. It’s important to put away things like paperwork, the kids’ toys and keep personal photos and ornaments to a minimum.

7. Clear the Garden

Finally, if your garden is looking a little overgrown and unused, it’s important to give it a clear out, do some weeding and put in some colourful plants to spruce the area up. While some viewers might like the challenge of transforming your garden, most will probably want to see something that has been well-maintained.

Preparing for viewings doesn’t have to be hard work and doesn’t necessarily mean a large expense. A little thought and simple changes can make a significant difference and improve the saleability of your home. If you would like specific advice regarding the sale of your home, talk to one of our local property experts, each has a passion for property and can help through every step of the process.

For more help and guidance on how to get your home ready for buyers, please contact your local Belvoir office