Hauntingly Good Halloween Costume Ideas

It is the time of year for spooky fun: trick or treating, apple bobbing, pumpkin carving and of course the fabulous costumes. If you’re struggling for costume inspiration this Halloween, help is at hand. We review some of scariest, spookiest and funniest costume ideas.

Little Monsters

Starting with the little ones, after all it’s all for them – isn’t it? I am sure your children have a plethora of dress up items, but if you are looking for something a bit different but not too gory, then this Mary Poppins costume from Fancy Dress Ball or this Toy Story 4 Forky from Next fits the bill!

Want to get creative? There are loads of great homemade Halloween costume ideas on moralfibres.co.uk the Mario and Luigi ones are a firm office favourite, so very cute and easy to put together and on a practical note, the little ones won’t be freezing cold!

Families and Groups

Off to a party altogether and want to match? Halloweencostumes.co.uk have some great group costumes. We are having a hard time choosing our favourites, they have everything from Superheroes to Winnie the Pooh, Steam Punk to Dinosaurs and even an M&Ms set – yes, the chocolates!


Want to make a terrifying twosome? There are hundreds of couple costumes in stores and online, a wonderfully intricate Day of the Dead costume is available from FancyDress.com but you’ll probably need a couple of hours to get the make up right. Looking for something more traditional? The site also has a wealth of Vampire, Zombie and various other frightful delights!

For Him

Will you be a Superhero, Frankenstein, Dracula, or a Minion? If you are looking for something a little different this year, take a look at this Joker costume from Very. Or if you are looking for a more “horrific” outfit this headless man costume available through Amazon will make everyone’s hair stand on end!

For Her

Deciding on the ultimate Halloween costume takes a little thought, do you want to be scary or cute? Or both? One of the most popular ladies Halloween costumes in 2018 was the Unicorn and it looks like the popularity isn’t waning. If you have a hankering to be a magical, mythical creature then take a look at this unicorn costume from Party Delights. If you are hoping to let your darker side shine through then this unusual Lady Scissorhands costume from Ebay will be a scream!

Hilarious Costumes

We have all seen the funny inflated costumes; dinosaurs, unicorns etc… this year a creative genius has gone one better. Called the Presidential Piggyback this outfit from Morph Costumes has the wearer enjoying a piggy back from a diminutive Donald Trump… I may have just found my costume for this year!

Last Minute Ideas

Finally, if, you’re like us and you are filled with good intentions, but the event arrives before you have chance to get something from the shops or it’s touch and go whether your costume will be delivered on time. Here are a few last-minute ideas you can try at home:

1.      A pair of jeans, a check shirt, a floppy felt hat and orange and brown face paint, colour your face orange and make a brown triangle on your nose – et voila the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz!

2.      Wednesday from the Addams Family – Pinafore dress (school uniform one is ideal) Long sleeved white shirt, black face paint for lips – easy peasy!

3.      Mime – don black and white clothing, scrape hair back and pop on a black hat (any hat will do, but a beret is best!) use white face paint all over your face and draw elongated triangles over your eyes with Black eyeliner and colour in with black face paint. Last touch, using the eyeliner draw a tear on your cheek. Now it’s time to practice your mime routine. Check out this video from Mime artist Le Mime Marceau to help hone your moves!