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Meet the Team

Sales and Lettings

John Warburton RLM ARLA Fellow

John Warburton RLM ARLA Fellow – Business Owner

Hello, I'm John and my wife & I own Belvoir Leamington Spa! I have personally been operating in the industry for 21 years ... and counting! After working for the previous owner for many years, my wife & I decided to buy the business when he retired, this we did 1st August 2012! Since this time, we have grown the business from a team of 6 to a team of 18. We are desperately proud of our family-owned, family-run business and we hold each and every team member very dear as without them, we would not have the success we have! None of our team are 'staff', they are all 'team members' and part of our 'Belvoir family' here in beautiful Leamington Spa! I am a 'local lad' so my knowledge of the area and surrounding towns is vast! I am also an 'aged MOD' and love my two 1963 original GS Vespas, of which I often can be seen riding to and from viewings/meetings! My son works for us now and has 'learnt the ropes fast'! Please feel free to contact us or pop by…even if its just to see my Vespas!

Sue Warburton MARLA

Sue Warburton MARLA – Business Owner & Office Manager

Hi, I'm Sue, Johns wife and we are the proud owners of Belvoir Leamington Spa! I worked in Sales for several years and then I became an Air Stewardess for 17 years before we purchased Belvoir. Needless to say, I love travelling but my biggest love is for animals! John & I have 2 dogs, Tommy & Jack Warburton and our 'Grandog' Ralphie Warburton who we steal as often as we can! We see our business as part of our family and any team members who join us are treated as a Belvoir family member! We have an amazing team and we are desperately proud of each one of them! I am also a Board member for our local BID as we are passionate about our town and its locality please see below: Leamington's Business Improvement District is a ‘not for profit’ Limited Company which is led by business people trading in the town. The BID Leamington Board of Directors comprises up to 15 members who are passionate about Leamington Spa and its future. Thirteen of the members are business owners or managers who are elected by the levy payers and two are representatives from the local authorities; one from Warwick District Council and one from Warwickshire County Council. The Directors are not waged and meet every six weeks to ensure that the Business Plan is delivered by the two full-time employees of BID Leamington - Stephanie Kerr, Executive Director and Alison Shaw, Project Coordinator.

Conor  Warburton

Conor Warburton – New Business Manager & Digital Media Executive

I completed my degree at Nottingham Trent University and then joined the family business with my father and stepmother Sue! Prior to joining the business I travelled around Australia, New Zealand & Hawaii with my girlfriend. I enjoy keeping Belvoir at the forefront of innovation, online presence, and new business. I also enjoy meeting new people and creating personal relationships with landlords/vendors and tenants. I'm a keen property renovator/flipper! I love golf, football and my dog Ralphie!

Keri  Waghorn

Keri Waghorn – Senior Lettings Negotiator

My name is Keri. A little about me... I attended university for three years, went travelling after that, found my love for property and haven't left since. I have always been obsessed with animals of any kind but nothing compares to the family beagle, Annie! I love long walks (with Annie, or any dog), spending time with my close ones, picnics and sunbathing! Something I always believe in is never take anything personally and if someone isn't nice, it is a reflection of them. Believe in yourself and good luck will come your way!

Hannah Wade

Hannah Wade – Student Ambassador

Hi I am also Hannah and I work in our busy student department! I am hard working and enjoy meeting the students as their lives are all so varied and they come from all over the globe! I enjoy cooking and swimming in my spare time. I enjoy adventuring out on long weekend getaways when I get the chance!

Lucy Virgoe

Lucy Virgoe – Student Ambassador

I’m Lucy, and I’m currently doing an apprenticeship at Belvoir Leamington in our student team! I grew up by the moors in Devon where I’d go climbing and I’ve recently started surfing, both are a great passion of mine. I would love to travel the world someday as i love exploring new places and cultures.

Carol Thomas

Carol Thomas – Property Manager

I'm Carol and I joined Belvoir Leamington in February 2019. I'm a Mum of 2 amazing girls and Nanny to 2 adorable Gran kids. I love spending time with family and friends and going to see bands playing. I went to my first festival last year and it will not be the last. Recently I've enjoy walking in the woods with the gran kids and exploring the countryside.

Steve  Ward

Steve Ward – Accountant

Hello, I'm Steve and I have been working for John & Sue since they purchased the business in 2012. I am a qualified accountant and I worked at JLR for 28 years in various managerial Finance roles until retirement. I was in a local band in the mid 70's but left when I got married. I still enjoy music, not so much modern music but more the 60's, 70's and 80's style, and still play the piano on a regular basis. When not working at Belvoir, most of my time nowadays seems to be taken up with looking after grand-children and relatives, but I do enjoy the occasional drop of wine, or whisky, and eating out with my wife Sandra. I have supported Aston Villa since childhood as I was brought up in Birmingham, not too far from Villa Park. I don't go to the ground to watch them any more but never miss a match when it is televised which for the last 10 years can be quite depressing.

Sarah Waugh

Sarah Waugh – Saturday Lettings Assistant

Hi, I’m Sarah and one of my biggest passions is music, especially singing! After completing my degree in Popular Music, I travelled the world as part of a resident duo in hotels and aboard cruise ships. I’ve been so lucky to see such amazing places! I have also always loved houses and interior decor; I spend a fair amount of my spare time browsing property websites - probably too much time! Most of all, I love spending time with my close friends and family, especially my favourite pup Max!

Jack Warburton

Jack Warburton

Hi I’m Jack and I am the baby of the Warburton family! I love to play with Tommy & Ralphie but we get up to a lot of mischief! I am also told I am loved every day, so I know I am a good boy really even when I chew the skirting boards!

Tommy Warburton

Tommy Warburton

Hi My name is Tommy and I am one of the much-loved family members of the Warburton family! I am told I am loved daily, so I guess that means I’m pretty special! This is me on the beach in Dorset when mum & dad took us away in their motorhome!

Ralphie Warburton

Ralphie Warburton

Hi I’m Ralphie and I am the ‘grand-dog’ of Sue & John, my daddy is Conor Warburton but I like to stay with Tommy & Jack a lot so I get to play! I am also told I am loved every single day, so I am very happy because my previous ‘owners’ gave me away as they said they didn’t want me as they didn’t have time for me when I was a baby and I am no trouble, you can ask my nanny Sue! I’m a very happy little boy now!