Mortgages in Ipswich

Belvoir Ipswich offers expert mortgage and protection advice through Justin Davies from the Mortgage Advice Bureau.

With access to over 90 Lenders & 12,000+ products he can help source the right deal for you, whether you are a first time buyer, home-mover, looking to Buy-To-Let or simply looking to re-mortgage.

Making sure clients are in the position whereby they can keep their property should the worst happened is also of upmost importance. With access to a hand-picked panel of 5* Defaqto rated insurers, he can make sure adequate protection is in place for you, for that extra peace of mind.


Top Tips!

As simple as this may sound, the more you can put towards a deposit, the better chance you will have at qualifying for the best mortgage rates. You will often hear the phrase ‘loan-to-value(LTV)’ mentioned. This is how much you are looking to borrow compared to the purchase price of the property, as a percentage. Generally, the lower the LTV percentage (within certain bands), the better the deals available.

Adverse credit events on your record may affect your ability to attain a mortgage, especially if you want the best rates. It is important to have an understanding of your credit situation and improve on it where possible. Getting a copy of your credit report online is always a good place to start.

Lenders generally require plenty of evidence to assess your income. They need to be able to prove that you can afford the proposed mortgage and can keep up with the repayments. For this reason, the more secure and consistent your income is, the better. Payslips, bank statements, P60s, SA302s and potentially even employment contracts can be used to confirm this.

It is important to consider all associated costs when it comes to buying a property. Not only will you need to have enough funds to put down a deposit, you will also require additional savings to pay out for other associated costs. This can include solicitor fees, broker fees, product fees, stamp duty fees (where applicable), removal costs etc. This links back to the important of point 1- the more you can save, the better!

Regardless of the above points, there are still plenty of possibilities out there. Even if you do not fit the criteria for one lender, it doesn’t mean another lender wouldn’t consider your circumstances. With over 90 lenders and 12,000+ products available to MAB, there are many options to choose from. So if you feel you may not fit the mould, or your bank is not willing to offer you a mortgage, please do get in touch and I can assess what may be available to you!

You can visit the MAB mortgage calculator Here

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