Things to consider when moving house at Christmas

Combining a life-changing event with the biggest holiday of the year can certainly lead to stress levels soaring but year in, year out here at Belvoir we see people successfully move during the festive period.

So, if you’re moving between now and December 22nd – the last day for completions before Christmas – here’s some things you can do to make the process a little easier.

Get packing!
Hopefully, if your move is due to take place between now and Christmas you will already have your packing underway. If you’re doing your packing yourself it’s normally best to start boxing up your items at least three weeks before your proposed moving date. Help your future self by making sure you clearly mark each box with its contents and which room it is to go into.

Get help!
If you are planning on using a removal company try to book them as early as possible. We’ve found that many removals companies have had to change their policies this year in line with the Government’s Covid-Secure guidelines so make contact with them as soon as you can.

Communication is key
Make sure you have contacted your present and future utility companies about your move. The Royal Mail provides a service to ensure that any post sent to your old address is forwarded to your new home. This is really helpful at any of time of year but particularly good if you’ve got lots of Christmas cards heading your way! If you’re still in the process of writing your own Christmas cards don’t forget to included a pre-printed message with your new address inside. Doing this now will save you time and extra expense in the New Year!

Should you decorate for Christmas?
This can depend on a variety of factors, including when your moving date is, whether you have young children who have been eagerly counting down to Santa’s visit for several weeks already and your own feelings about the holiday! If having a bare house at Christmas is going to add to your stress levels then get those decorations up – just make sure you give yourselves some time to take them down before the move.

Santa knows where we will be on Christmas Eve
Speaking of children, don’t forget to remind any little ones that Santa is perfectly used to people moving at Christmas and it won’t stop him delivering their presents to the right address on Christmas Eve. This could stop a lot of little people getting worried!

Have you thought about putting items into storage?
It can be a good idea to consider putting some of your things into storage before the move. It could make unpacking – whilst organising Christmas – at your new home that bit easier. It means you won’t have as many boxes to contend with as you prep your new property for the holiday. The lack of boxes can also help to make your new property feel like home quicker. You could then tackle the excess boxes in storage between Christmas and New Year which will hopefully take some of the pressure off you in the run-up to the holiday.

What about the bins?
We all know how much additional rubbish can be generated at Christmas through packaging, wrapping paper and excess food. Add to this the boxes and packing materials from your move and you could feel like you’re drowning in unwanted things. Don’t forget local authorities often change their waste collections over the holiday – so check out the website of the local authority for the area you are moving to, to help you plan ahead.

Be kind to one another 
Remember, this is not something you do every day. There will be stressful moments as you try to organise your move at Christmas and sometimes moving can be particularly stressful for young children and pets. Don’t expect everything to be 100% perfect on your moving journey. Do your best, care for one another, make allowances and ask for help if you need it.

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