Looking For Love? Leave It To Belvoir

House hunting is a little like dating. When you’re looking for love, the principles are similar whether your affections are for a property or a partner! Both times you know, instinctively, when you’ve found The One.

Attractive, fashionable, the envy of his friends. A modern beauty might be everything you are hoping for.

Tall, stylish and offering a different view of the world – a high rise apartment might suit your needs.

Or classic and previously well loved with charm and character – a period property could be the way to go.

Our experienced and knowledgeable Corby sales and lettings team are the perfect matchmaking service. Tell us all your heart’s desires and let us find the one for you.

Just like when you fall in love, when you’re looking for your dream home, don’t settle for second best and don’t leave it to chance – leave it to Belvoir.

Be decisive but open to options

Just like with a partner, striving for property perfection might be somewhat ambitious. Nobody is perfect, and no home is perfect either. It is wholly subjective. It needs to be beautiful, but it must also meet your needs. Ensure you know what you want but also where you’re willing to compromise. One thing is for sure, your heart will tell you when you’ve found The One.

Do your checks

Make sure you’re not swept off your feet by looks alone – many a relationship fails at the first hurdle after falling into that trap. You can avoid it with a property if you are thorough in your approach. Make sure you do all the proper checks with the local authority and instruct a survey to look for any potential structural issues.

Don’t rush into anything

Take things slowly, look round all the properties you quite fancy in case more than one has potential. Remember there’s only so much you can see from photos and it is good to look beyond the surface for a more detailed picture of what is on offer. House hunting is an exciting process but – just like a first date – we would recommend you don’t rush into anything serious too quickly. Take your time. See what the area is like, wander round the neighbourhood and talk to other residents.

Ask for help

Whether you’re looking for a new home or someone new to share it with, sometimes you need a little help in finding the perfect match. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Our Belvoir Corby team have decades of experience and a whole host of insightful, local information to help you make your decisions. Whether you are looking for a village location like Cottingham or Brigstock or a new kid on the block like the fantastic properties at Little Stanion, we can find your true love.

Looking for love? Leave it to Belvoir. To access our matchmaking service for sale or for rent, call the Belvoir Corby team 01536 261666.