Five new house hunting priorities post-Covid

The pandemic has forced many families to re-evaluate their lifestyle. Many of us have changed our priorities and outlooks on what is important in life and that has become apparent when it comes to buyers and tenants searching for their dream home.

Many former office goers are welcoming hybrid working and now require that perfect space for working from home, others are desperate to be closer to family after so much forced time apart and some families simply want a bigger garden for children to play.

We have buyers and tenants crying out for that perfect abode that will make their lives more fulfilled, whether that be because they are closer to loved ones or because their commute is slashed in half.

These are the five key considerations we’ve noticed for post-Covid house hunters:

1. Bigger Garden

First and foremost, for many movers is to find a home with extensive outdoor space to be able to build dens, host a swing and a slide and have room for a paddling pool in the summer. Adult garden lovers long for an outdoor bar or space for an alfresco pizza oven.

For those who lived in a flat during lockdown, or only had use of a postage-stamp yard area, this is a key consideration for their next home. Outdoor space is a huge selling point, with people looking for properties with gardens that provide additional space to love, enjoy and utilise in the same way as you would another room.

A large garden brings endless opportunity for alfresco entertaining, soaking up sunshine and honing gardening skills and is at the top of many priority lists when house hunting.

2. Closer to Family

The restrictions brought about by the pandemic meant that many families were unable to see each other for months on end. The distance between close-knit families caused great upset and a realisation that they wanted to be closer once all the restrictions ended.

For so many, the heartache at being unable to spend time together has made them determined to be nearer to each other going forward.

Families want to spend their weekends making memories without the need for video call and grandparents want to be able to babysit at short notice or be on hand for a park trip.

3. Office Space

It was sheer panic in March 2020 for millions of workers who faced working from home with no office. Some employees worked in the same space as where they slept or set up a makeshift desk at the kitchen table among home schooling and dirty dishes from breakfast.

Now that many offices are introducing hybrid or flexible working patterns in the post-Covid world, house hunters want a specific working space, a study, or an office area, in which they can work comfortably and peacefully.

So much of our lives are taken up with work that it is vitally important to have a useable, functionable space in which to do it!

4. Rural Location

The hustle and bustle of crowded city life or town centre living has lost its appeal for many. Following months of social distancing, it is a difficult transition to return to busy areas. This means a lot of people are looking to relocate to more rural locations to enjoy a more relaxed, rural lifestyle, with plenty of open space and few crowds.

Country piles are a big draw for those wanting to exit the Capital or other large UK cities as often you get more for your money outside of the big smoke.

5. Shorter Commute

The distance to and from work is one that many home buyers consider when it comes to searching for property. That, and good transport links!

More focus is being put upon the precious commodity of time and how you spend it nowadays and people are looking to make their lives easier by living somewhere that makes their working day shorter or more manageable.

Do you have a property in a commuter’s hotspot, and you are thinking of selling? Are you avidly searching for a home with a huge back garden and an office space? We can help. Call us today on 01536 261666.