Corby; Iron Town in Northhamptonshire

Corby has always been known as an iron-working region, even before the arrival of the Romans and their ironworks and the Doomsday Book names the ‘Manor of Corbei’ as an iron-producing centre. With the arrival of rail in the 19th century iron working really took off. It was in the 1930’s that construction of what was to become one of the largest steelworks in Britain commenced. Corby had its own ironstone works in 1910.  It was not, however, until 1933 that construction began to tap the vast reserves under the surface of the surrounding countryside to produce steel, and to manufacture tubes for the world’s markets.

Corby became a centre of frantic activity and people flooded in from all over Britain to the town for employment. The first of the Scots arriving around 1934 to form a large proportion of the new population and who still have a considerable influence on the culture of the Borough today. During those eventful days, men had walked from all corners of the country to obtain work. It was quite a common sight to see Irish labourers washing themselves in the brook after sleeping rough all night under hedges or in old barns.  Eventually, the social life of the town began to settle down with new housing and sufficient facilities being provided for the growing population.

The population for corby is currently around 53,500 and has the fastest growing population in England and wales.  With only 4,800 council funded properties avaliable to rent in the town and a lot of people not having the money to buy their own properties people are chosing to private rent. Why not have a look at our current list of aviable properties  at

If you are interested in investing in this fast growing town, why not take a look at the Corby landlords section on our website at or contact Louise at the Corby office on 01536 267755 who will be able to provide you with any information you require.

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