It's a bargain hunt with Bedford's property Market

A landlord came to talk to us about our claims about Bedford’s property market being so buoyant at the moment, when we arrived at the subject of bargains available in our town.

I did a little research and found that a rather lucky person had purchased a two bedroom modern duplex apartment just off Miller Road for only £117,000. This property had previously sold in 2008 for £157,000. When we consider house prices are now around the same as in 2005, this is a great bargain with a yield of 6.7%

Just further up the road on Dorsey Drive , a two bedroom terrace sold for £95,000 this year. It sold in 2005 for a significantly more £129,000. This shows there can be many bargains, but you just need the knowledge to know when you’ve found one.

If you would like to come and discuss property in the area, you are welcome to visit our office on Tavistock Street