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Time to check your heating...

As summer draws to a close and we enter autumn we will soon see a drop in the temperature. As is often the case where heating systems have laid dormant over the summer month’s valves and other components may become faulty due to lime scale build up. We therefore advise all tenants to turn on the heating systems now to check that when the weather does turn cold you do have heating when you most need it.

 To check the system turn on your heating and set the thermostat to above 20, wait 30 minutes and then check that all the radiators are working correctly(you may have to turn up the Thermostatic valves on the radiators where fitted). It is also advisable at this time that you bleed the radiators to prevent an air lock which may result in one or more radiators not heating up correctly. If you are not sure how to do this please call and we will advise where possible. If you have electric storage heaters you will need to leave them switched on over night for the heaters to work.

 If you are a tenant of Belvoir! Milton Keynes and during checking there is a problem, please report this through the online maintenance system Fixflo https://belvoir-milton-keynes.fixflo.com and we will get a contractor out as soon as we are able. However if we find that the problem could have been rectified by yourself (bleeding radiator/not turning it on correctly) then a charge may be levied.

 With winter approaching the windows also are susceptible to condensation and mould. They need to be wiped, cleaned and ventilated as often as possible.

 The garden will also require attention before the winter. If you require the services of our recommended contractors for window cleaning and garden maintenance, please do not hesitate to call us on 01908 562582.

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