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How to Keep Your Home Damp Free in Hull

How to Keep Your Home Damp Free in Hull As some of you are aware alot of the properties here in ...

How to Keep Your Home Damp Free in Hull

As some of you are aware alot of the properties here in Hull have damp issues.Some houses were built over 100 years ago and with age problems can arise. Hull is also on a flood plain and because of this the water level rises and sea levels are still continuing to rise due to global warming.

Damp is a very common problem and if not taken care of properly it can cause real damage to a property. Dampness in a property is caused by excess moisture occuring in the building which can be caused by a number of factors. This includes a poor damp proofing Course, poor ventalation and poor property maintenance. The damp doesnt only cause damage to the property it can cause health problems especially in small children and the elderly.

There are three types of damp issues:

1. Rising damp .....This starts at the bottom of a wall and rises this is known as the capillary action. Once this happens it causes the internal wall to become moist which then promotes mould growth. Rising damp is a sign that the damp proof course has become damaged and the ground water is soaking into the brick work of the property.

2. Penetrating damp....can look harmless but infact it can cause damage to the property inside and out. Its usually a sign of a defect such has blocked or defective guttering, the property may need repointing or a defective roof.

3. Condensation....This is the most common cause of damp inside a property. This is caused by moisture been absorbed into a warm atmosphere. A side effect of condensation is black mould and can be very damaging to your health.

How to treat Rising Damp........The only effective way to treat rising damp is to get a damp proofing course done on the property. This is done by drilling holes into the wall just above ground level and injecting a silicone based fluid to reduce the movement of water.

 How to treat penetrating Damp......Identify and control the source of the water ingress that is causing damage to the property. Check the roofing fabric for damage and the render on the outside of the property. Once the cause is found it can usually be repaired easily. Allow walls to dry and either chop the damaged plaster out and re-skim or apply some anti mould paint on the area and re-decorate.

How to treat Condensation..... Two simple things can be done as a homeowner/tenant in Hull to eliminate this problem. Improving ventilation will be a massive help this can be easily done by opening windows especially after showering, bathing or drying washing in a tumble dryer radiators.installing mechanical fans in the bathroom and kitchen. Also maintaining a consistant temperature within the property helps  so there are no rapid temperature changes.

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