Belvoir hull top ten tips for selling your property.

1.  Choose the right estate agent: You will want a agent with proven and up to date marketing techniques. Someone who will put in maximum viewings  whilst also been good value for money. The charge for selling your property will either be a flat fee or a percentage of the sale price. Some people use multiple agents to sell there property this is all good the more agents advertising makes the chances higher for selling. However you may end up paying multiple fees so always bare this in mind.

2.  Take home price indicates with a pinch of salt when establishing the asking price:  There is always conflicting reports of house prices falling or rising making it hard to believe which is true. Banks rely on average property values on mortgage valuations, the Land Registry records what the home changed hands for. Rightmove index uses the asking price which can be very different to the actual value of the property. Alot of valuations are based on averages but the price can be different just because of the street you live down and believe it or not even the side of the street you live on can make alot of difference.

3.  Increase you property's 'Kerb' Appeal:   A buyer can be put off a property before they even step inside, if they are given a bad first impression. As a seller you want the buyer to be so excited to view inside the property because the outside looks so inviting. So if your fence, driveway and front door are looking a bit tired, brighten it up by putting a lick of paint on the fence, tidy any borders in the garden ensure there are no weeds, plant some flowers in the borders or hang some hanging baskets to add some vibrant colours. If anything is unsightly it would be a good idea to move it totally out of the way first impressions count.

4.  Spruce up and Declutter:  Making your home attractive doesn't mean you have to spend alot of money on a new decor overhaul. But a fresh lick of paint in neutral colours will help. Also ensure rooms are clutter free and as light and airy as possible. A mirror in a hallway allows more light and seems to make the room look bigger. Kitchens are always a big selling point so ensure worktops are not cluttered and it smells fresh and clean. If you have pets ask a family member or friend if they can take them and look after them whilst people are looking at your home. Remember you may be fond of your furry friends however this does not mean that the buyer will be or even worse they may be allergic.

5.  Bear in mind the little things count:  Chances are the buyer will nit pick so any minor maintenance that you have been putting off, get those jobs done.

6.  Define each room:  Potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in the property, it's essential that each room is shown off to highlight a purpose. If your diningroom is full of papers or exercise equiptment return it to its original purpose. Also de-personalise the buyer wants to imagine there own belongings in there.

7.  Stay out the way:  When the agent books a viewing let the agent show them around the property, let them wander freely you want them to be comfortable and look at each room freely. Just be there for any questions that the buyer may have after the viewing has taken place.

8.  Make the most of outdoor space:  Gardens or any other out door space can be a great selling feature but a overgrown jungle would make any potential buyer off. A overgrown garden makes the garden look smaller and easily forgotten.

9.  Choose the best buyer: Once any offers get made you need to decide which buyer is the most reliable, Safe buyers are thtose that have already sold there home and in rented accomodation, First time buyers, Chain free buyers and cash buyers. Bear this in mind but depending on how many offers you get you may not have the luxury to decide.

10.  Consider Alternatives:  Even if you follow all these tips unfortunately there are no guarantees that in the current market you will sell your homes. If your motivation for selling your home is for more space the govenments new proposals to relax planning permission could be your answer. If the plans go ahead this would mean that the usual three or four meters from the rear wall of any home would only be needed for those reaching beyond 8 Meters for detached homes and 6 meters for other homes.

If you are an investor and would like a second opinion on a property you have seen, you can send the URL of the property to us via email Alternately you can call our office on 01482 322300 or pop into our office and have a chat, the kettle is always on and we will even pull out the biscuits!

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