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Southampton Property Blog

What will be the effect of Covid-19 on the Southampton Property Market?

So, we are just over two weeks into the lockdown and things are settling down into a “new normal” as we get used to our new work environments, our daily exercise routine and essential shopping. There is no doubt our thoughts start to turn to when will things get back to life as we knew it before COVID19 and the one question I am getting asked a lot now is “What will be the effect of Covid-19 on the Southampton property market?”

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Southampton Property Market - What is going to happen to Stamp Duty on 11th March?

If you are buying a home in England costing more than £125,000, you will have to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax on the purchase of your new home. In the provinces, it’s called something slightly different, so if you are buying a property in Scotland over £145,000 you will pay Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) and for any property over £180,000 in Wales you will pay Land Transaction Tax (LTT). Whatever the tax is called, it is an important factor when moving, when you consider that; Last year the average UK house buyer paid £10,150 in Stamp Duty Tax alone

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Southampton Property Market – Is it Time to ‘Plan’ to Get the Builders In?

Even though the new legislation was placed on hold because of the recent General Election, it is expected the Government will start fining around half of all UK local authorities for failing to build enough new homes as Westminster starts to force local authorities to build more homes with the new laws.

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Floorplans – How they can help sell your home ?

You wouldn’t set off on a road trip without a map. So why start the next stage of your life’s journey without the homebuyer’s equivalent? Let’s talk floorplans.

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Southampton Landlord's £37m tax bill!!

I am asking Royston Smith, Caroline Nokes and Alan Whitehead the Conservative and Labour MP’s covering Southampton to remind the Chancellor and Prime Minister to use their persuasive skills to highlight and take a more holistic approach and attitude to the private rented sector and tackle issues which affect a Southampton landlords’ capability and capacity to strategically run an effective buy-to-let business

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Southampton Property Market … the Rollercoaster of the last Decade

Ah the 2010’s, the tens, the teens - I am not sure what we are supposed to call the decade that has just gone. No matter what it was called, the last decade was a tough one, so does it really matter that we never really got around to giving it a name? Some might say, whatever one calls it, coming to an end is the most fundamental job any teen (and I refer to all humans) could possibly do!

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Conveyancing Explained

The home buying process is a long and arduous task at the best of times and perhaps the most complex part is the legal aspect. All the various searches, looking for Chancel Liability or areas of flood risk to discussions on flying freeholds and other complicated legal jargon are enough to give you sleepless nights. Luckily there is an area of the legal profession which specifically deals with these aspects for you: Conveyancing. In this article we will cover some of the main duties that a conveyancer will carry out for you and explain some of the terminology for you.

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Will There Be a ‘Boris Bounce' For the Southampton Property Market?

The Halifax announced in early January that there was a Boris Bounce in the national property market as they stated national property values soared 1.7% in December 2019 - the biggest rise since the 1.9% month on month rise in February 2007 (a few months before the Global Financial Crisis aka the Credit Crunch). Get the flags out - all hail Boris as the Conservatives gain their landslide general election triumph - the Boris Bounce is here … or is it?

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Springtime selling - 9 tips to get you moving

After a winter of short, dark days sitting on the sofa working their way through the bottomless tub of Christmas ‘Celebrations’, home-hunters are hungry for a change. Spring is on the horizon, the most salient time of year for house sales. With this in mind the team at Belvoir have put together a selection of nine tips to get you moving this springtime.

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