Increase your property value for sale in 2019

Whether you’ve just bought your property, or you’ve been there a long time it’s unlikely that you’d say no to increasing your home’s value! Belvoir Aldershot have a few ideas to share to increase your investment, and make it a nicer place for you and your family.

Add Space
Consider whether adding more space to the property is a possibility. It doesn’t have to mean adding a whole new extension as such. Simply adding a conservatory, a utility room or a loft conversion will not only give you more physical space, but lets you move furniture and appliances and open up the existing rooms giving more perceived space too.

Modernise and Brighten
It’s the obvious suggestion, but it really can make a big difference and can often be the most cost effective way to add value to your home. Giving the property a lick of paint or a modern spin with new wallpaper or storage can make a huge difference to how you feel about the place, and can make a huge difference to potential buyers.

Fix the little things!
You may have learned to live with the little defects, in fact you may not even notice them now, but to a potential buyer seeing a loose tile, crack in a wall, or flaking paint can start alarm bells ringing. A missing piece of plaster may be just that simple, but can have them wondering if the whole wall is ‘blown’ 
Step back and look at the little things with fresh eyes, or ask a friend to see if there’s any little things that they can spot that you can fix easily. A dripping tap, lifting or discouored sealant in a kitchen or bathroom are the easiest places to start.
Fixing these things now means there’s less likelyhood of potential buyers taking what they thing potential repair costs will be off their offer price!

Get Digging
Like the little things inside your home, it’s easy to ignore the overlooked areas in the garden. You don’t need to be the worlds best gardener, but taking time to keep the lawns neat and strim round borders, driveways and those little hidden corners can make a difference. If you’re not green fingered, forget the plants and just have mud borders regularly dug over to keep the weeds at bay and smarten them up.
Paint the fences, tighten up any posts, and smarten up your shed for a real attention to detail.