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Safety Requirements

Safety Requirements and Legislation

There has been a lot of changes to the lettings industry over the last few years some of which we have listed below.

  1. The introduction of the the residential tenancy agreement (RTA) which replaced the short assured tenancy agreements.
  2. Electrical installation certificate reports (EICR) must be carried out in rented properties.
  3. Portable appliance testing (PAT) must be carried out on small alliances in rental properties.
  4. Smoke alarms, heat sensors and carbon monoxide alarms must be fitted to rental properties and the amount of detectors is dependent on the property. Smoke alarms must be hard wired.
  5. Carbon monoxide alarms must be fitted in each room where there is a fuel burning appliance.
  6. Furnishings must comply with fire safety regulations.
  7. Gas safety certificates must be carried out periodically on any fuel burning appliance.
  8. Tenants deposits must be registered in an approved scheme, failure to comply could result in a fine.
  9. Inventories must be given to tenants at the beginning of their tenancy. Take out landlord insurance for your property.
  10. An EPC (energy performance certificate) must be carried out every 10 years on the rental property.
  11. A legionella risk assessment must be carried out on rental properties.
  12. Overseas landlords must complete an NRL1 form for HMRC purposes.
  13. Landlords must register with their local council as landlords.

Belvoir Stirling can assist with all of the above and also make sure your property is kept up to date with current legislation and any changes that may be brought in.