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Romford Branch - Landlord Fees

Landlord Fees

Let Only: 75% of the first months rent or £718.80 INV VAT (whichever is greater) payable for each letting to a tenant introduced by The Agent. Payable on commencement of a tenancy and deducted from the rent collected at the commencement of a tenancy.

Full Management: £599.00 plus VAT (£718.80) whichever amount is greater.
Plus 10% (plus VAT) of the rent, deducted from the rent as received.

Other Charges

Inventory preparation fee: £100 plus VAT (£120.00)

Admin involved in the Tenancy

  • Deposit Protection legislation: £50 plus VAT (ALL TENANCIES) (£60.00)
  • Preparation of paperwork for
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution One month’s management fee plus VAT
  • Duplicate Statements: £25 plus VAT per copy provided (£30.00)
  • Insurance claim handling fee: 10% plus VAT of cost of works before VAT
  • Professional hourly rate £50 plus VAT per hour (£60.00)
  • Re-signing fee: £120.00 inc VAT (£100) Where The Agent, with your agreement, arranges a renewal of tenancy to an existing tenant
  • Void management fee: £50.00 plus VAT (£60.00) per week payable four weekly in advance of requirement (£60.00)

Post Letting Service

(Inclusive with our “Full Management” service)
Tenant move out: £60 plus VAT (£50.00)
Inventory Check
(including damage report): £120 plus VAT (£100.00)
All prices subject to change after two months’ written notice

Where Full Management is cancelled during the tenancy (including any extensions) a fee of two weeks rent plus VAT will be payable. Two months’ notice is also required.
Where applicable charges are subject to the current rate of VAT