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Belvoir Q1 rental index breaks down average rents by property type

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Summer Garden Tips

As summer is now in full swing, it’s time to get your outdoor space in shape.

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Top Tips for a Garden Makeover

Showcase your garden in its full glory!

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Letting my property - should I use an Agent?

A professional agent is worth their weight in gold...

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5 ways to boost your home's value

Do you want to add more value to your home? Everyone knows that making your home bigger will increase its value, but did you know that you don’t have to physically extend your home, you’ll be surprised what can be done using the property’s present footprint. With loft conversions, basement conversions or just re configuring the current layout, there’s extra square meters to be found.

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Leasehold and Freehold – what’s the difference?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between freehold and leasehold on a property? Here are the details you need to know and how they affect a property.

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Entertaining over Easter

Make your Easter an egg-cellent success!

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Belvoir Awards 2019

SILVER customer service award won for the Long Eaton Office

Belvoir Long Eaton are proud to except this SILVER award for customer service. This year’s awards, proudly sponsored by Ittria, were held at the St. George’s Park Hilton, Burton upon Trent.

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Tips for spring cleaning your home

If you’re an avid follower of Mrs Hinch or Marie Kondo then you’ll know just how satisfying it can be to ditch the clutter and have a clean fresh-scented home

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Out-growing the family home

Does your home feel smaller and suddenly more cramped than before?

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Top Tips for living in shared accommodation

Whether you’re a student or an independent individual taking on the big city, shared living isn’t as bad as people may say.

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Downsizing your property; the advantages and disadvantages

Retreat to a smaller home or surround yourself by the comfort of the family fort?

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